How Vacuum Sealing Food can Save you Money

Many families are constantly looking for ways to save money; especially on groceries. Most people recommend stocking up on food to save money. As a result of this, many people turn to freezer cooking—something that has, in many years, become much more popular. But for many people, the fear that air trapped in the bag can cause freezer burn is prominent; alas, there is a very simple solution—vacuum sealing.

Best Vacuum Sealers

Anyone that has frozen food in the past knows how much you can realistically save over time via stocking up during a great sale. But as aforementioned, the fear of freezer burn is a big reason many people will choose to avoid it; thankfully, however, vacuum sealing actually makes this fear redundant. By vacuuming sealing food for freezing, you are removing any and all air from the bag—meaning that there is no potential for ice crystals to form on the food, as no air will be present.

Of course, this is not to say that the loss of ice crystal risk is the only benefit to vacuum sealing. Another major advantage to vacuum sealing is the amount of money you can potentially save from doing it. For years, many families looking to save money on their grocery bills have been relying on vacuum sealing to stock up on meats and other various items they can easily freeze. By doing this, and stocking up when an item is on sale, you can easily ensure you get the lowest prices for an item you and your family use often—for example, if you use a lot of ground beef, and there is a good sale at the time, it is a great idea to stock up with a vacuum sealer.

One other option that not everyone may think of is actually vacuum sealing your phone itself. While this may not be the best option for everyone—namely those looking specifically to use it for saving money on food—it can be a very useful idea to keep in your back pocket. By vacuum sealing your phone (temporarily), you can use your phone reliably in the shower without worrying about damaging it, in case you are on an important call.

Finally, one great tip for using vacuum sealers is to make crockpot “meal-prep” meals. Many people use storage bags or crockpot bags to store their crockpot meals, but they again run the risk of ice crystals—so using a vacuum sealer to freeze your future crockpot meals for an easy “set it and forget it” meal is a great way to save time—and, as aforementioned—money.

All in all, it’s easy to see that using a vacuum sealer to keep your food fresh—amongst other uses—for as long as possible is a great idea. You will not only ensure the quality of your food, you will also ensure your grocery bill goes down significantly!

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