Understanding Why Gaming Monitors Are a Must

Understanding Why Gaming Monitors Are a Must

You’ve built a sweet desktop. You’ve spent your time and have gotten everything that you wanted to have in your computer, creating the perfect gaming desktop for you. You figure you’ll just buy a generic monitor and everything will be great, then you see an article about gaming monitors and suddenly you’re wondering if you should invest in one to ensure that your gaming is the best it can possibly be. You notice, however, that some gaming monitors come attached with some pretty pricey tags and it makes you wonder if having a gaming monitor is truly worth the investment. Will it honestly make your gaming that much better?

First Person Shooters and More

Let’s face it: some of the most competitive gamers out there those who engage in first person shooter games. These gamers spend hours dodging, weaving and ambushing their opponents. These gamers will cherish every frame that they can get, because a slower frame rate can easily be the difference between sniping the enemy off of the bell tower or being discovered and swiftly eliminated.

Let’s talk about size. When it comes to living room televisions, bigger is definitely better. When, however, it comes to computer monitors the same adage isn’t necessarily true. Bigger isn’t always better. You may find that a 27 inch monitor might be too large for your desk or work station. Then again, it is possible to go too small. Most gaming and computer experts say that you should never go smaller than a 20” monitor if you want to have a chance at being an expert gamer. Now, if you have a decent sized desk and you sit back a little way from it then go big! Go as big as you comfortably can!

Big, Refresh and Respond

If you decide to go big it’s important to understand what you should be looking for. Anything over 24” should have a display that has a native resolution of at least 2560×1440. The higher the resolution on the computer is, the smaller the pixels are. This means that you’re getting a much more sharp looking display and can be a huge difference in gaming clarity.

Another important thing for gamers is the refresh rate. The refresh rate and the response time are two very important things to understand before you go shopping for a gaming monitor. The refresh rate is like the frames per second. If you see a monitor that has been rated 60hz, that means that it can do up to 60 frames per second. So if you’ve got a game that runs 60 frames per second, you’ll need a monitor that can stand up to the game if you truly want to have a good gaming experience.

The good news is that most gaming monitors have the high quality resolution and refresh rate that you want to have for a premium gaming experience. Why spend tons of money on your hardware if you’re not going to have a high quality monitor to experience everything with? If you are going to spend a huge chunk of money, at least opt for the best gaming monitor ever (such as those found highly rated here).

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