Intelligent Homes Of Tomorrow Are Here Today

Intelligent Homes Of Tomorrow Are Here Today

Thanks to technologies such as WiFi and 4G we are entering an era where information flows near speed of light no matter the size. This has allowed previously unrelated technologies to co-exist and even communicate with each other. Imagine a world where everything from your refrigerator, lights to your front gate talks to you real time. Think of the safety aspects, control and security that you can achieve with such a house! Special thanks to for explaining Wifi and 4g!

Smart homes were a concept few years back but with manufacturers now dabbling in smart water heaters, smart LED lights and even smart curtains, the future is quickly catching up. We live in an age where intelligence isn’t just about what’s in your brain but also how you use it. A house that is not just eco-friendly but also intuitive as it understands when to draw curtains, turn off lights, switch off the heater will help in long term global goals of reducing our carbon footprint conserving water, energy and other resources.

Remember the incandescent bulb? It got replaced with a tube light but that too ran its course and then we got the florescent bulbs. Finally, now we have LED lights that use a fraction of the power of an incandescent bulb while giving the same levels of illumination. The next logical step now isn’t to look for a better lighting source or technology but rather to make the bulbs smart so they can sense the presence of an individual in the room, the ambient lighting conditions too. Then it can adjust its output accordingly or completely turn off. Imagine the power you could save by doing just that much! And what if your water heater, Wi-Fi, computers, gas stove and other such appliances understood when to completely switch off and start on their own? What if your devices could talk with each other and anticipate your next move?

You get out of bed, brush your teeth and the sensors in your bathroom pick up on that. They convey a signal to the kitchen that then begins warming up the coffee pot. By the time you enter the kitchen, the coffee is warm, lights are on and music is playing in the background or the television is set to your favorite news channel. Wouldn’t that just be an amazing experience?

Good news though, some of these technologies are already here and they are what make the Smart homes of today.

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