IoT & The Future Of Human Civilization

The concept of Internet of Things isn’t a new topic, rather it is one that has existed for quite some time now. The only difference is that as the years progress and new technology surfaces, this concept is gradually turning into a reality.

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We do not realize it but IoT has already begun taking root in our day to day activities. Welcome to where we discover the future of human civilization using existing technologies today. It is our sole objective to bring you the latest innovations and technology news from around the world that works towards uniting everyone and everything in the world on a common ground called the Internet of Things.

Yes, the concept of IoT is pretty confusing if you try and get into the technical debates and conversations between experts. Hence, we try to bring to you the possibilities of this concept rather than the concept itself. If you are however interested in understanding more on what IoT is then you can read this. However, if your interest lies more in the application of the ideas and what things you can look forward to in your lifetime then browse through our amazing collection of posts.

By the way, did you know that as each year progresses, computing power doubles inadvertently? This is why technology grows at an alarming rate and is also the reason why IoT was just a sci-fi concept few years back but is slowly converting skeptics into believers every single day.